River is the Venue Project, Bath

Social media and Project support volunteer. Ad Hoc Volunteer; 5th March-5th June 2018. 



Duties: Assist BSU MA Arts Business student lead Abbi Cross to share communication via several media platforms. Assist the PMs to plan and curate events and installations during the week of 1-5th June. If applicable support the participatory project artists.

Company: 44AD Arts Gallery and the RUH Bath


Last year whilst trying to gain voluntary experience at The Royal United Hospital in Bath, I got in touch with an Art Therapist called Hetty Dupays, and asked if I can gain experience for Art Therapy as I want to become an Art Therapist. Hetty was very welcoming, and suggested that I volunteer for the Alzheimers Society at the RUH, I set this up, and I will start this position in April. As this position took so long to set up, I asked Hetty in February if there is anything I can get involved in that won't take as long, and she suggested I volunteer for an upcoming project, which she had set up, between the RUH and an art gallery called 44AD, and this would be starting in March. I agreed, and I attended meetings, around the project, where I could suggest ideas, meet the artists, contacts etc. 
As this project is still ongoing I am working as part of a team, mainly assisting an MA Arts Business Student called Abbi Cross, who has decided to take the lead of the team. Working within the team we are sharing communication via several social media platforms, to promote the upcoming event, and inform the public about the event and the project, keeping them up to date with everything that happens. This requires good communication within the team, to figure out who does what, and when, according to our time schedules.
As the event involves workshops, installations and an exhibition, I am also involved in assisting in planning and curating these with the help of my team, and the wider team such as the Artist’s and the event organiser’s. Curating these events, is really useful for my own artistic practice, as I have never done this before, and I know it involves a creative mind, and a lot of planning and preparation, which I feel I am ready to develop these skills, further than I have just in my own art practice. 
Finally, at one of the meetings at 44AD, I was speaking with one of the artist’s who intends on putting on a workshop at the event, which would involve the community, and I explained my interest in connecting the elder generation and children, in art activities, and I found out the artist was really interested in this also, and she suggested that she would love for me to assist with this event on the day, and help her to run it, and so I will also be supporting the participatory project artist at the event. This is really important to me, to help run an artistic workshop, because I hope to become an Art Therapist, and so gaining these skills and experiences, will give me some experience, towards deciding if I want a career in Art Therapy.

So far I have learnt how to be a lot more organised and what it's like to be a part of a professional arts Project. I have learnt so much about funding, and what projects like this want from artists. Possibly the main thing I have gained from this experience is contacts, artists and curators which I hope to use in the future. I have also realised the importance of networking and promotion, in order to be a success, something I didn't really consider to be that important before this project. Overall I believe the project will be a success and it has given me a great experience, which I hope to more forward with. 

Website link: http://www.44ad.net/river-is-the-venue-project.html