Solo Exhibition at 44AD, Bath

My first solo exhibition held at 44AD Arts Gallery in Bath on the 20th April 2018. Curated by Zachary Young. 

The works exhibited were a collection of drawing and painting performances, created over the past year, including a drawing performance which was created on the day.  Emphasis on freedom of expression, and expressing imperfections. This exhibition was very personal for me, each piece told a story.

Please see my exhibition page for full details on the pieces. 

Fuck you Baselitz, 2017, Acrylic Paint on paper, 7ft Approx. 

What I set out to do and why

My first solo exhibition, I wanted to experience what it's like to plan and put on an exhibition with all of my own work, as my pieces are large I wanted the opportunity to be able to properly display several of my pieces, which I hadn't been able to do previously. 

Audience view of exhibition

How I did it

As my housemate and fellow student Zachary Young is interested in curating, I spoke to Zachary about the opportunity to curate his (and mine) first solo show, a great opportunity for both of us. Zach thought it was a great idea and decided to curate several solo shows and put them over a few days at 44AD Gallery in Bath. Because of this my exhibition lasted only a day. 

I decided to show works that I have previously struggled to show due to their scale, and I figured my own space would be a great opportunity to bring them together. 

Collaborating with Zach, I sent an artist statement along with a picture of myself, and a short explanation of the works that would be shown to the gallery 44AD, and I helped to promote the event via social media and word of mouth, we also decided to create a poster for the event, including all three artists to help promote and advertise the event. 

Around the day of the exhibition I along with Zach transferred the works to the gallery and we both put up the works together. On the day, Zach also stayed at the exhibition to help with visitors and I performed a drawing performance. 

Artist performance shot in action 

Artist performance shot in action 

Critical Reflection

Overall I wanted the opportunity to show some pieces which I struggled to show, and this was a great opportunity. I also got to perform in front of an audience again, which I loved and it gave me the confidence to create more. I've realised how important having a solo exhibition is, in order to be able to show a variety of your work, however I also realised that promotion is key, as we didn't get many visitors at all. However, I enjoyed thinking of myself as an artist in a gallery context, and arranging for this. Going forward I would allow a lot more time to prepare for a solo exhibition, so that I can prepare a wider variety of pieces, and it would be great to know that I can display my large pieces, which would be very inspiring. I also think using contacts to help promote myself may be needed in the future, and although me and Zach managed to put my pieces together, I think more help for the installation will be needed next time, to not only save time, but to allow for a more efficient and professional looking install. Most of all, this experience made me think of myself as an artist and a career as an artist, and I think it was a good starting point for more things to come.