Video Ideas. No1 Washing. / by Amy Frost

Record the process of washing hair.

Film a standard shot of Landscape view of the bath with the 2 people inside.

Start the video people already in the bath, and have the woman (myself) looking down, whilst the man (Sam) puts the hair bucket under the water and starts to wet her hair. Emphasis on the sound of this!

The man washes the woman’s hair and puts shampoo and conditioner in and washes both out.

Noise: The woman reading the PIP assessment out, layered over the video.

Emphasis on the man behind the woman, washing her hair.

This video is a representation of anxiety and depression, it is not all just feeling and looking sad. Sometimes my boyfriend needs to help me wash myself, because I will go days without washing as I find it exhausting. Sometimes my anxiety gets so much I can barely lift my arms without my chest hurting, and so I literally need help to wash my hair.

This video will show the reality of living with an invisible illness, and is almost an FU to the Personal Independence Payment company, who said as part of their assessment of me, that I am fine with daily living and therefore receive no funding. Like many other people who have been turned down by the system I am angry and this video is to acknowledge that and hopefully get a response.