My most Popular piece. / by Amy Frost

Is it because people can relate? 



This piece is my most popular piece. It is probably the only piece I own where I refuse to sell the original. 

When I look back at this piece now, I see how far I've come. 

At the time of creating this piece, I was really struggling. I was majorly depressed and experiencing psychosis for the first time, I was really fucking scared. I felt suicidal, and didn't think I'd last much longer. I used painting as an escape. In this piece in particular, I tried to express those weird feelings, to try make sense of it all. 

To look back on it now, is strange. I see how far I've come since then. I didn't think I'd survive another few years, yet here I am, going into my third year at Uni and I'd just curated my first show. And this piece, is my most popular piece! Which out of all my pieces, I find a little strange, and I wonder if it's because people can relate? Nowadays on my social media pages, I'm seeing more and more people saying that they are struggling,and so maybe people can relate to how I expressed my struggles?