Artists need a studio space / by Amy Frost

I've recently realised the importance of being in an artist studio. And I'm so incredibly grateful that I can say I have a studio to work in this summer. 

Granted, I haven't really been in the studio much at the moment. I'm struggling financially and I feel bad to be in a studio when I have no canvases to work off. However from the time I've been in the studio, I've felt so inspired. 

I'm surrounded by other creatives, who are completely different to me, and have shown me new techniques and ways of creating work that I never would have imagined. To be surrounded by such amazing art, makes me want to create more! And I think artists need that. To be surrounded by like-minded people, who inspire you, offer you advice and give such a positive vibe, is amazing, and actually makes me consider being a full time artist. 

I love walking around the studio, and hearing people's stories, seeing their new creations, and getting advice from established artists, is incredibly important, to an upcoming artist. Usually in the summer months, I do little to no artwork, because I don't feel I have a space to do any work. I know that shouldn't be an excuse, but when you have to push yourself to do pieces anyway, having a space where you can shut off and make a mess, is important.

Overall, I'm incredibly grateful to have a studio space, and be surrounded by such wonderful artists who are inspiring me every day. Already I have been sketching every day, and so it shows the difference an art environment can make.