Audaciously Made in Doncaster / by Amy Frost

As part of the upcoming Culture Crawl in Doncaster (starting the 24th of July), I'm curating one of the art exhibitions, at C-view the former Art College called Audaciously Made. I have brought together 20 new and upcoming local artists who adhere to the Fine Art values. I'm trying to promote upcoming artists from Doncaster, including artists of all ages, I want to shout that Doncaster artists exist and hopefully encourage people to be a little more creative. 

Taking part are artists; 

  • Daniel Lambourne 
  • Charlotte Tasker
  • Shaun Jones
  • Jessica Turner
  • Sacha Gray
  • Matthew Gaukrodger 
  • Leigh Hamilton
  • Elizabeth Sewell 
  • Kim Farr
  • Maia Weerdmeester 
  • Katrina Sadrak 
  • Rebecca Heptinstall 
  • Roza Frydrych 
  • Sarah Smizz
  • Stacey Weatherley 
  • John Whittle


Participating in the exhibition is my granddad John Whittle, who is returning to the art scene after 50 years! My granddad abandoned his dream to become an artist, to be a miner as he was told that being an artist "isn't a real job!". Unfortunately a lot of people still believe this today, and so I wanted to show that even after getting a "real job" for 50 years, your inner artist is always there. 

Matthew Gaukrodger is co-curating as the designer for the exhibition. I met Matthew whilst doing my Art Foundation at Doncaster College in 2016, and we have always had a vision of owning our own studio together and putting on exhibitions. Matthew is now studying Graphic Design in Manchester, and so this exhibition is also the first time I will have seen Matthew in a while, we are coming together to create the show. 

Leigh Hamilton and Charlotte Tasker, are also two artists I met on my foundation art course, those few years ago. It's great that even while us artists go our separate ways, we come back to our home roots to create an exhibition showcasing local artists. 

If I'm completely honest, I never thought this would happen.

I decided to go to Bath Spa University in 2016, because I wanted to be far away from Doncaster, as I didn't think that there was any opportunities for me here, especially creative ones. Yet living in Bath for two years made me realise that Doncaster isn't as bad as I thought, and that instead of saying that there isn't any opportunities, I should make them.

Through living in Bath and undertaking the Bath Spa Award, I realised the importance of networking. I volunteered in Bath as part of the award, and networking with other artists got me the most valuable experience. It was part of this award that I decided to volunteer in a Hospice in my home town, during my Easter break, and I met artist and Co-Founder of Doncopolitan Rachel Horne. If I hadn't had met Rachel, none of this would have happened, she showed me that Doncaster is creative and does have culture, and provided me with this opportunity. 

I used to say that I would never be a full time artist, however because of this opportunity I am honestly loving the idea of it. And yet, I don't think I would have enjoyed this experience so much if I hadn't done the many different experiences prior to this. My teaching for example, has enabled me to be so organised, patient and even at times a little "bossy", and enabled me to keep to deadlines. 

Overall, I am so excited for what the future will bring, and this is proof that a bit of volunteering can go a long way!