A Year in Review: 2017-18 Bath Spa University / by Amy Frost

I'm currently sat watching the World Cup 2018, planning for my upcoming exhibition Audaciously Made, as I try and reflect on all the great things that have happened over the past academic year, that have led me to this point. There were so many milestones, and I'm only really seeing the value of them now. 

So many people go to University, and they forget that the main goal is to get a career afterwards, and whilst your degree will get you to that career, it's not the only thing you need. I'll admit, I thought this too, at my first attempt at University at 19 years old. However, after leaving and being at University for the second time, at 24, I know now that experience is actually just as valuable (if not more), than just getting your degree. Therefore this academic year, I set myself a fair few challenges, to not only boost my CV, but to gain experience so that I could decide if I wanted a career in my degree area. Over the year I've learnt a lot, and now I'm curating an exhibition in my hometown! With that in mind, here are my highlights over the past academic year:  

  1. Met with Art Therapist Hetty Dupays, who introduced me to the Alzheimer's Society
  2. Volunteered at The Royal United Hospital as a Dementia Ward Volunteer
  3. Set up and completed a placement at the Tickhill Hospice in Doncaster, shadowing an Art Therapist 
  4. Had my first solo exhibition in Bath, displaying the works which were too large for my studio to display. Including a live performance on the day. 
  5. Had three separate placements at schools, in Bath and Doncaster, including Primary and Secondary 
  6. Won my Bath Spa Award for volunteering outside my degree 
  7. Won the Ede and Ravenscroft Award, winning funding for my art materials  
  8. Made contacts at the Hospice, and set up an exhibition with the Art Therapist there; Rachel Horne. 
  9. Curated an exhibition with my friend Zachary Young, with my idea of replicating the Mona Lisa 
  10. Went Vegan