Studio space showing the Destructive works (2016)
Studio space showing the Destructive works (2016)
Studio space showing the Destructive works (2016)

My studio space set up for assessment, showing the destructive works, in collaboration with fellow artist, who also worked with destruction.

My works shown are; Marks in Time finished piece, hanging, You Hit the Nail on Those Beauty Standards, finished smashed piece on plinth and Smashing Ceramics, remaining pieces scattered underneath the Marks in Time, on the floor.

All of these pieces express the beauty within the broken, and showcase how important process is within destructive arts. Looking at the final pieces, I am interested in how they became to this state.

You hit the nail on those beauty standards (2017)
Smashing ceramics (2017)
Smashing Biography

Short video created to document the destruction of a ceramic pot, I made in a biographical style, with the purpose of destroying. Looking into the beauty of destruction.

Marks in Time (2017)

Short video clip, showing and documenting the process of creating artwork through destruction. In the video, the artist is shown throwing, paint filled eggs, at a large canvas. Decisions are made. Colours are unknown until they reach the canvas. The element of surprise.

Every mark, splatter, represents a moment in time.

Through destruction something is created. The irony of using egg shells for this.