Artist Statement


In a society where so many of us place emphasis on a ‘perfect’ canvas, whether within art or our appearances, I explore freedom of expression using improvisation.  I use my body as a paintbrush and focus on my experience of connecting with large-scale canvasses to form a bond with my materials.  I express emotions through gestures, colour and process. 

Process is very important to me, I view it as the artwork more than the final product. Simple movements can express an emotion and I think witnessing this emotion puts the viewer in a different perspective of the final piece.

In my varied and diverse approaches to making art; performances, paintings and videos, the context of the work has an impact on the work’s relationship to the viewer.  My current project, "The In-Between" reflects this as it forces the viewer to interact with the piece in order to witness it. 


Studio Shot for Doncaster Free Press (2018)