Artist Statement


I am a performance artist who explores subjects of disability, mental illness and queer subjectivity through video, sculpture, paintings and performance art. Dealing with anxiety made me to want to explore as much as possible, leading to live art, informing my current practice.

I use my body as a tool and focus on the experience of bonding with my props, which I see as works of art. Similar to expressionist artists who focus on expressing their emotions rather than the literal, I express emotions through gestures, colour and process. I use art to deal with my every day struggles and focus on representing these mental issues in a physical way.

In many of my pieces, I seek to make the audience feel uncomfortable. I believe art should create a reaction, and with my subject matter, I believe that reaction should be based around the word uncomfortable. I want the audience to feel as I feel, feel connected so that they truly understand the piece and walk away with a new insight.

In my current practice I have been investigating the unsolved debate within the performance art community; Should performance art be documented? My pieces explore the variety of media used to document, such as video and photography, and question if they can accurately represent the live event. I have also performed without any documentation. Inspired by artist Vito Acconci, I go beyond these traditional mediums and question if other methods such as drawing and the props used within a performance, can be seen as documentation and if they can be seen as artworks in themselves. Inspired by the Sonnabend Show:72 Archives exhibition, involving several of Vito Acconci’s works, I have been exploring if the performance archive deserves more focus, and how perhaps a variety of medias is the only way to fully represent a live event.

All of my works deal with the human body and boundaries between reality and non-reality, and the blurred in-between, which is where our mental states come in to play. I have a great interest in fairy-tales and drag culture and exploring this alternate reality. For many it provides comfort in the harsh realities of the so-called real world. I like to show the beauty of these alongside the harshness of the real, almost good vs evil.

Studio Shot for Doncaster Free Press (2018)