7 Minutes in Therapy. 

Performance experiment, February 2018. 

Documentation of participant during the session  

Documentation of participant during the session  


7 Minutes in therapy.

A play on the 7 minutes in heaven game. Inspired by artist Kim Ye, who did a piece called 7 minutes in Hell.

Exploring my interest in art therapy, documentation and performance.

I turned my studio space into a box room and placed 2 chairs. I invited people to come in and sit with me and talk for around 7 minutes.

During this time we may use props and movement, including documenting the thoughts or actions (art work) on the walls of the box room.

We have a discussion and I take 2 Polaroids of the participant – one for me – one for them – to serve as a reminder or document of the session – the only form of documentation from the session. My copy is put on the wall inside.

Beforehand I asked participants to fill out the form copied below, to find points of discussion and make sure that they are OK with their photographs being taken. 

This experiment didn't go as planned as I only managed to get one participant! The participant said that they felt uncomfortable talking about their issues in a studio space, due to fear of other people hearing what they might say, this was a good point and I think I would maybe try this experiment again in a more isolated setting perhaps at an exhibition. 

7 Minutes in Therapy.


Performance goes so deep these days, that we forget that we sit in the audience of our own life-show. Our events define us, and how we choose to remember them, affects our show.

We cross paths in the Box Room, and I become your audience of one, acting as your placeholder for seven minutes. You sit in the space, I hold up a mirror for you, even if it hurts to look into. If it makes you feel better, it hurts to hold up the mirror too. I ask you a question and take a photo of the answer. You stand, I ask another question, you respond using a choice of the materials, I take a photograph of this answer. You hold the mirror to me, ask me a question, I answer and give you one of the photographs. You move on, I stay on.


Pre-Performance Questionnaire.




WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY STRUGGLING WITH? *Be specific please (Anything discussed in the space, stays between the artist and participant).







I _______________________ grant artist Amy Frost permission to use my photograph publicly. I understand that the image might be used online e.g. website and social media, as documentation of the event.

SIGNATURE: _____________________________________________________

DATE: _____________________________________________________